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A Place where you can find pet doors of all shapes and sizes, with all varieties and custom made pet doors also. This Pet doors are very easy to install and are most suitable for any pet you have. Most pets lead happier, more contented lives if they're able to walk around in the outdoors. At the same time, you want them to be able to come in at any time without you having to watch the door. To solve the situation, you get a pet door. Not just any pet door, though.

You get one from us, Paw Pet Doors Perth ???? your friendly neighbourhood pet door provider.

Since 1987, we have been making and installing the best pet doors in Western Australia. Whether you want to have a single vinyl flap for your pets to use or something more durable, we have a vast selection of options for you. We even design them for energy efficiency and insulation.

We have a few basic models for you. One is the ever-popular vinyl flap. You could also opt for a wall door, which has the same function but goes the wall instead. We also have designs for screen doors, glass enclosures, and even for sliding glass.

Whether you want a vertical or horizontal design for your pet, we can accommodate your needs.

The quality of our work is reputable. We are so confident in our work and materials that we give every pet door we install a five-year warranty.

The warranty covers the basics, such as repairs and related services. We include the various small parts. We replace them in the event of failure. Our work has insurance, to give you more peace of mind.

Our pet doors come in some standard designs and measurements. However, we are also open to customising them if you have an unusually small or large pet.

You can choose to install our pet doors yourself. In such a case, we will be happy to provide you with all the parts and detailed instructions on the procedure and what tools you might need.

However, if you're not very handy or don't have time, we don't judge. Schedule an appointment with us and we will gladly come by and install the door at a part of the house of your choosing. In most cases, you'll get it done and ready for your four-legged member of the family within a few hours. For installations, we factor in your convenience. We can drop by your location any time of day, any day of the week. Give us a time when it would be convenient for you to be home and we will honour it. We'll even make an effort to show up early!

Paw Pet Doors Perth

Send an online enquiry and we will be there for you within 24 hours. Providing the best pet door services in perth we assure you that your pets will be very happy after getting those pet doors and you will be relieved of opening and closing doors repeatedly for your pets.

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