Cat Door Installation Perth

Are you looking to install a cat door on your door or wall? How much will it cost? No worries! At Paw Pet Doors Perth, we provide the most reliable Cat Door Installation Perth services. All our Cat Doors are guaranteed to keep your cat safe and happy. So, if you’re looking for a professional service, reach us! We will provide the best and most affordable services and the optimum craft quality.

Cat Door Installation Perth

How much is it to install a cat door in a door?

Usually, one cat door costs around $100 to $500. For example, if the dimensions of the cat door are 180cm x 80cm in length, it will cost around $100 to install. If you have more than one cat household, or if your cats are adopted from different shelters and pounds, it may cost a little more. As a general rule, the more cats and their size is bigger, then it will be cheaper for us to install.

It means Cat Door Installation Cost also depends on the size of your cat door. If your cat door is too small for your cats, it will not be cost-effective for you! If your cats are quite large, it costs more to install in Perth because of the material and quality used.

What to consider when installing cat doors?

If your kittens like to go outside and play and do so by themselves, then it is easy to install the cat door. However, if your pets are not old enough to use a cat door and go outside, it will be more problematic for you to install a cat door. You may have to use an electronic upgrade system, such as Paw Pet Doors Perth home monitoring system kit. It can help you keep track of your cats movement in real time and send a notification to your phone if they have gone outdoors.

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