Doggy Door Installation Perth

Having a doggy in your home can be much fun. You get to have someone always there for you, who loves you unconditionally and without question, giving you hugs when you need them and telling you everything will be okay.

But what if a doggy can’t come in because the house is too tight? This usually means the installation of a doggy door! Here are some tips on how to find the best doggy door installation perth companies, as well as how to measure your home for a new installation.

Doggy Door Installation Perth

Are doggy doors easy to install?

Yes and no! If you decide to install a doggy door yourself, you will have to fiddle around with the hinges, the type of panels and the material used for doors because there are no specific instructions for installing a dog door.

Door installation companies can make your life easier by doing this work for you and installing a dog door that meets all your requirements. Experts from Paw Pet Doors Perth can easily do this for you and even install the dog door at the time of your home’s construction.

Cost of doggy door installation in Perth:

You will have to decide on your house’s size before choosing the doors installed on your house’s interior. There are usually many door options available in Perth, and it is important to consider the Dog door installation Perth cost when choosing one.

Small doggy doors have a low installation cost because they include hinges, a lock and screws. However, the price range will depend on the quality of the door and the type of hinge installed in it.

The price will also be higher if you choose a glass door rather than a wooden door. But no worries! At Paw Pet Doors Perth, we have high-quality services for doggy doors like Glass Pet Doors Installation Perth, Electronic Pet Doors Installation Perth, etc.


Glass low-lite window: $168
Glass sliding door: $460
Sliding door over 900mm: +$50
Glass replacement (No larger than 1sq Metre): $360

Dog door installation Perth cost

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